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Sardich MC continuously studies the best available techniques and modern technologies for environmentally friendly ore mining and copper cathode production.

› Accordingly, in June 2015, a team of representatives of Sardich MC visited the leaching complex Kittila in Finland.

› The purpose of the visit was to explore the advancements in waterproofing of leaching heap surfaces, and the procedures for surface preparation and laying of the waterproofing liners.

› In March 2016, a team of specialists from Sardich MC joined by specialists from Outotec visited the identical SX-EW plant Assarel-Medet in Bulgaria.

› During the visit, the team of specialists was informed in detail about the particularities regarding the copper ore leaching process, and the technological extraction process flow.

› In September 2017, Sardich MC’s representatives visited the factories in Finland which produce the equipment ordered for the Kazandol complex.

› The purpose of this visit was to ascertain the current state regarding the fulfillment of the orders, and to get acquainted with the potential capabilities of the manufacturers and the quality control system for production of the equipment.

› Furthermore, in September 2017, a delegation of Sardich MC and Alfa Engineering - Sardich MC’s contractor for works related to the installation and commissioning of equipment for the SX-EW plant – paid a visit to one of Outotec's SX-EW projects in Turkey, which is in the final stage of equipment installation.

› This visit was extremely useful in the process of ordering and manufacturing the equipment, since it enables a more effective coordination of the basic equipment acceptance and installation plan and the construction works.