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Production plant:

› Installation of the equipment for solvent extraction and electrowinning

Main pipeline:

› Installation and laying in trenches of pipelines for transport of pregnant leach solution from the Dam E2 to the production plant, as well as for transport of raffinate from the production plant to the Dam E2 and to the floors for ore leaching have been made

› Installation and laying in trenches of pipeline for transport of technical water from the Dam E2 to the production plant as well as installation of the discharge pipeline from the Dam E3 have been made

› Installation of the irrigation pipeline on the floors for ore leaching

Dam E2 with working accumulation space:

› Drainage wall construction and drainage pipeline installation are completed

› Dam body laying is finished

› Completed construction of the access road to the dam berm

› Completed construction of the spillway

› Completed construction of the shaft of Pump Station 1 as well as the installation of the waterproofing materials

Dam E3 with accumulation space for atmospheric water:

› Dam body has been constructed and the side spillway installation has been completed

› Water intake facilities for water capture installed

› Waterproofing liner installation has been completed

Floor for ore leaching 192.1:

› Construction of four protective drainage walls made of waterproof material is completed

› Construction of the western berm of the floor for ore leaching is completed

› Finished construction of a circulation channel on the western berm

› Formation of the slopes as well as installation of waterproofing materials are completed

› Installation of the protective and drainage layers is completed

Warehouse of sulfuric acid, extractant and diluent:

› Tanks for storing reagents have been completed

Pump station 1:

› Installation works completed

Pump station 2:

› Installation works completed

Preparatory works at the mine:

› Completed clearing of vegetation and humus on the surface layer of the horizon at 320 m

› Pre-exploitation exploration works are completed

› Ore crushing machinery has been delivered on-site

› Protective and drainage layers installation preparatory activities are being carried out at the Mining facility - floors for ore leaching (Heaps)

Outotec's equipment:

› Outotec's equipment is being delivered and installed