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Realization of projects for exploration, mining, processing of copper ore and production of copper cathodes with metal copper content of 99.99% started in 2013-2014.

For the projects Sardich MC company has won the open bid of the Government of Macedonia and has acquired the right for detailed geological research of three potential copper deposits: Kazandol, Petroshnitsa, and Plavush.

Based on the current legislation of the Republic of Macedonia and signed contracts for detailed geological research, after the exploration and approval of ore reserves, the company Sardich MC will receive concessions for commercial exploitation of these deposits.

Ore mining will be carried out by open-pit method.


Projects' geography:



Kazandol сoncession is situated in the southeaster part of Macedonia, 5 km south from Valandovo, 7 km north from Bogdanci, and 15 km from the border with Greece. Kazandol village is located close to the center of the concession.

Four lithological complexes participate in geological formation of concession (gneiss, schist, Furka granite, vein bodies of andesite and dacite-andesite).

Kazandol deposit refers to exogenous hydrothermal type and is a typical "iron hat" that was formed by the impact of supergene processes on a linear quartz-pyrite-chalcopyrite stockwork, the size of which has not yet been determined.

Commercial ore mineralization is represented by a broad spectrum of oxidized sulphides (malachite, azurite, cuprite, chalcocite, covellite, etc.).



— Favorable climate conditions

— Developed infrastructure

— Optimal conditions for establishing production facilities

— Insignificant project impact on the environment

— Availability of labor


Hydrothermal copper deposit


— Exploration conducted and ore reserves approved

— Concession for deposit exploitation obtained

— EIA Study agreed and permit obtained

— Permit for ore mining obtained

— Contract for long-term land lease signed

— Construction permit obtained

— Ore resources confirmed according to the JORC Code

— Technological regulation of leaching process approved

— Construction works ongoing on the production plant and hydrotechnical facilities

— Preparatory works for mining of copper ore have started


— Open pit

— Heap leaching (SX)

— Electrowinning (EW)

Technological scheme SX / EW:

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up to 4,400 tons of copper cathodes annually




Petroshnitsa concession is situated in the northeaster part of Macedonia. Its center is located 50 km north-east from Skopje, 23 km from Kumanovo, 22 km from Kratovo, 10 km from the border with Serbia.

The area of the concession is confined to the contact of Serbian-Macedonian Massif and Vardar zone, directly to the Lecce-Halkidiki zone. Genetically, it belongs to the copper-porphyry type.

The area of the Petroshnitsa concession is characterized by a wide development of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks of the Late Paleogene with several ore parageneses:

— Au-Cu-Mo mineralization with heightened Re content,

— Au-Cu-polymetallic mineralization,

— Quartz-pyrite mineralization,

— Quartz-polymetallic mineralization.



Under exploration




Plavush concession is situated in the south-eastern part of Macedonia, 8 km northwest from Valandovo, 6 km north-east from Udovo, 30 km from the border with Greece. It is located within Vardar structural and tectonic zone and is composed of various gneiss, schist, marble and granite.

Polymetallic mineralization in the form of veins and linear stockwork, as well as skarn mineralization at the contacts of granite and marble can be revealed within the concession.



Under exploration